Way way back I had started following Lesley on Twitter. Can’t even remember how and why anymore. I had been holding my breath for a long time, in sheer anticipation for this collection of short stories. Usually, that’s a set-up for disappointment.
The fact that it was FAR FROM a disappointment, should have you running to your nearby (independent) bookstore. What a pleasure this book is. What a delight. And screw those ideas about how books ought to have one style of stories, or anything that dictates uniformity. These stories, all of them, really, will show you known worlds, future worlds, science fiction worlds and anything in between.
Lesley is a master with her words, she crafts inevitability, leaving you gasping for breath, and marvel at her art. Because all stories are so freshly different, it’s easy to sit and read one after the other (versus carefully selecting which one to read next).

In fact, Bunmi and I have spoken about this collection in the Not just Hemingway podcast dated September 3rd 2018. Listen here


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