Raise hands,  who was thinking it was about birds? It is, until it isn’t anymore. Instead we get painted a picture of a horrible species trained in -and excelling in- taking and no giving. Impactful. Spiteful. Masterly. Dark.

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What it means when a man falls from the sky -Lesley Nneka Arimah

Way way back I had started following Lesley on Twitter. Can't even remember how and why anymore. I had been...

The prophetess – NjabuloS. Ndebele

A boy is sent to a prophetess to get a bottle of tap-waterblessed, so it may cure her from whatever illness...

Road Block – Jamal Mahjoub

Curfew and road blocks paint a bigger picture in this short story that’s classic in set up: a set time...

Vacancy for the post of Jesus Christ – Kojo Laing a short story from Ghana

A golden lorry is lowered from the skies and people crowd the streets to see what’s happening. The wise, the...