Lara Vapnyar knows how to write a setting, describing a time, a place, and as such it was nice to be in Russia (mostly Moscow) for the duration of the collection. A bit too spelled out, to my liking, at times, but worth borrowing from your library or friend if you can.

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Road Block – Jamal Mahjoub

Curfew and road blocks paint a bigger picture in this short story that’s classic in set up: a set time...

Een nacht in Lissabon – Erich Maria Remarque

Groot was mijn verbazing toen ik bij de eerste zin ("Ik staarde naar het schip.") al geboeid las. Amper drie...

De zevende functie van taal (original language: French: La septième function de langage)

By Laurent Binet A novel for people who love language, and have some previous knowledge of Derrida, Bourdieu, Semantics and...

Music for Wartime: stories

By Rebecca Makkai So here’s the thing: I wanted to love all of it. Because of the interview I read...