By Sarah Ladipo Manyika

118 pages of loveliness.
Why? Hard to write down in a few words: you wouldn’t initially say, but this book is different from any you’ve ever read. Not because it has a Nigerian heroine who’s living in America (think Americanah) not because she’s old (think A man called Ove) and not because she’s enjoying life – although, come to think of it, how many books are showing us that?- it’s the combination of it all and the set-up. We read within chapter from one perspective to the other, often mid page, after a dialogue, name it. Yet it flows so naturally, one cannot think of any other, more natural way to tell a story of how lives intertwine.
I might come back to this recap, once I’ve found a better way of explaining why everyone ought to read Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun.

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