An important book, because to empathise is to build a bridge, or break down a wall. Just finished it and my thoughts are all over the place, first: the physical effect the book had on me, would allow for 6 stars, but..
But at times it was too obvious, or too fast, or not fast enough, the first chapter, I thought, could be out. Until later on its content is needed for a twist and a clue, etc.
As a reader, one wants to live in this new world, be dazzled, be charmed, one doesn’t want to see the frame through the make-believe fairytale, because, well, it takes you from the story and draws attention to the framework, the craft, not the art.
Enfin, maybe that’s the experienced reader in me, maybe others don’t notice.

After all is said and done, I stick to it being an important book, for many reasons, the most obvious being a female Muslim heroine, who does find her way of believing, not to mention getting a bit of an understanding of how it could feel and could go from bad to worse.

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